MC Real Estate Club

Mission Statement

The mission of the Real Estate Club is to provide interested students with opportunities for professional experience, engage in cross disciplinary learning, network with alumni and industry professionals.

To promote academic integrity and professional growth.


We will host alumni and professionals for informational panels, as well as networking events, all on campus

Cross-Disciplinary Engagement

The Real Estate Club will be working with both business students and engineering students to provide a full understanding of the many aspects that are involved in buying, selling, developing and maintaining properties.

Employment Opportunities

There is a wide range of employment opportunities within the industry, NYC has a very strong Real Estate market

Manhattan College Real Estate Club


“Work in silence, let success be our noise”

MC Real Estate Club

Real Estate Club Gallery

The real estate club provides students with access to visit different sites, plots, and buildings around NYC to gain hands on experience.

The gallery will be updated with different site visit photos along with different real estate in New York City

Manhattan College


Real Estate Club

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The Real Estate Club will post all upcoming events in the calendar
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MC Real Estate Club

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2021 Manhattan College Real Estate Club